Why This Website?

We all have obstacles to overcome. I know that I have created many of my own obstacles and I am seeking to dismantle them. I am on a journey to more fully realize my potential, to become more antifragile, to release myself from shame, and to reverse some of the trends in my culture that I find disagreeable.

It’s not about becoming a superheroine or being better than anybody else, it’s about getting past the things that are holding me back.

On the surface, it might look like an incoherent mess of ideas…”she writes about parkour and potty learning, WTF?“…but check this: those topics are both about testing, advancing, and respecting what our bodies CAN DO.

I believe in choosing a deliberate path with my lifestyle and parenting, and I endeavour be a good role-model to my children, a vibrant and loving wife to my husband, and a conscientious member of my communities.

This website will be a place to explore experiences, ideas beyond our cultural assumptions (shedding detrimental cultural programming), skills in stepping out of hiding, using obstacles as jumping-off points, leading by example, and getting through both external and internal resistance.

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Maybe you also need to get out of your own way a bit. My hope is that something I write about will help you, if you are on a similar journey.