Parkour – Pourquoi?

Why not?

I view the limitations of both my body and my mind as highly changeable.

I am not practicing the style that gets featured in movies, blooper shows, or extreme YouTube videos. I appreciate speed, precision, balance, novelty and grace. Flips and gap jumps impress me, but I do not really aspire to emulate those who practice that style.

I am passionate about what humans can do and I really dig movement exploration.

Sometimes I see someone do some moves and I think, “I could TOTALLY do that”, and then I can’t. I have been coming to realize that I still feel like a passive recipient, rather than the willful determinant, of some of my own actions. What I mean by that is, I do not yet trust that I have the skills to save myself in case my attempt goes wrong. In fact I do have at least some of the necessary skills to adjust my movement mid-bail, the problem is having that TRUST in myself. So that is a key thing that I need to focus on with my training right now.

I mostly train indoor at a gym at this point in my development, mostly because of the controlled environment it affords.

…also because it rains a lot where I live and wet = slippery.