Jewellery Art & Design

I work with metals, wood, enamel (coloured glass on metal), found objects, gemstones, leather, and textiles. I make not only traditional forms of jewellery, but other unique accessories and sculptural objects.

I don’t compete with mass produced factory goods. I am not into fashion jewellery. I don’t care if my work is trendy or broadly popular, even.

I engrave. I acid-etch. I hammer, pierce and twist and solder and file and basically make awesome¬†things….some of them are even wearable. And some of them have pointy bits and you can throw them!

All of them come from the depths of my soul and are born through the agony of creation… Just kidding. Making unique stuff for people is fun….ok, maybe also a bit agonizing, sometimes.

Check out some of my stuff at !