My Achilles’ Heal

Are you familiar with the concept of something being someone’s “Achilles’ Heel” – a point of personal weakness?

For the past four months MY (latest) Achilles’ Heel has, in fact, been my Achilles’ Heel. Much of the problem came from excessive (for me, at that time) jumping, landing, and sprinting. After focusing most of the last decade forming human beings from scratch, I guess I have been neglecting the things my body requires for high impact and doing activities of explosive power.

I had been cycling through stages of improvement and exacerbation and feared developing a chronic problem. So what do you do when healing your body requires you to forego doing something that you love? How do you keep from losing momentum in learning new skills?

I took some time away from parkour and tried to focus on the bigger picture. I have been thinking about the process, the progress, and longevity.

While I gave myself some time for my Achilles to HEAL, I focused more on strength and balance training:

Bear crawling, walking forward and backward on railings, strength training, and some targeted rehab (eccentric heal drops).

I have been focusing on staying motivated (thank you YouTube and Instagram!) and mastering the basics, versus (being lured into, or continuing on a path of) progressing in a hurried way without first building the proper foundation.

I have a track record of being fuelled by unsustainable passion, or losing confidence or interest in my endeavours. I can happily say I am healing and have been served well by directing my energies towards balance, strength, consistency, and pacing myself. I have returned to doing a weekly parkour class and my tendon seems to be adjusting to the new demands.

Two steps forward.

One step back.

One step forward….