Gross and Fine Motors

I recently read Christopher McDougall’s book Natural Born Heroes. 

There is a passage in which Christopher recounts a conversation he had with some Traceurs.  They explained to him that as a practitioner of parkour [in my mind, one does not “take up” parkour, but rather “puts down” the innate human drive for physical exploration], you begin to see your environment as movement possibilities instead of a collection of physical objects.  This sparked a realization of a parallel concept elsewhere in my life.  I noticed that when I look at (well-designed & hand-crafted) jewellery, my enjoyment and appreciation is heightened by my analysis of HOW those things were constructed.  They are not inert aesthetic objects, but the result of a process of creation.  My mind analyzes the construction of the pieces, as much as it does their form and colour.

I love both creative pursuits:

Parkour, for using my whole body (gross motor) and seeing the opportunities in an environment, and for creation something that last for mere seconds, and

Jewellery-making, for using my hands (fine motor) and seeing the opportunities in my tools and materials, and for creating something that may last for ages.
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I don’t really have a bigger point to make here. I just found this realization interesting and am glad to have both of these creative outlets.