Why I Chose To Use EC With My Kids

Don’t know what “EC” means? Read this.

When my husband and I decided to have children, I had had little-to-no experience caring for babies…no younger siblings, no teenage babysitting job, nothing.
I did know, however, that there would be a LOT of pee and poo involved.

I had read about and seen enough of the world to know that diapers were not a cultural universal. Just as parents have choices to make about feeding, sleeping, and other baby care issues, I knew there had to be different ways of dealing with infant waste. I like to do my research, so I started looking into ways that other cultures deal with this very necessary part of babyhood, without access to a 24-hour drug store or a stacking high efficiency washer/drier combo.

What I read convinced me that the Western theory of potty training readiness was yet another example of humans thinking they are smarter than millions of years of evolution and that products can replace parental involvement… and that most parents have only ever been shown ONE option – prolonged diapering.

How very satisfying it is to have this extra level of two-way communication with infants and to respond and eventually anticipate the baby’s needs in a hygienic and loving manner.

Pottying My 3-Month-Old Son While Camping
Pottying My 3-Month-Old Son While Camping