In his extremely excellent book Linchpin, Seth Godin writes,

Artists understand that they have the power, through gifts, innovation, and love, to create a new story, one that’s better than the old one.

…far more often we find the dreams of art shattered by the resistance. We give in to fear and our art ends up lying in a box somewhere, unseen.

These are just two quotes that resonated with me, but it’s like he wrote that whole book for me, personally. I know what your struggles are, and here is some advice for you, Steph.

I am a creator, but I have trouble sharing beyond my tight, trusted circle – one of the biggest forms of resistance I encounter is vulnerability to the disapproval of others. I am also a maximizer, so I have trouble “shipping” the products of my creative mind. There is no DONE in perfectionism.

This website is one way for me to practice calling something done and putting it out there. Being a Linchpin is about being unapologetically unique and seeing how everyone benefits when we ALL think of ourselves as Artists of sorts.